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onesolution helps businesses elevate their value.

Based in Dublin, OneSolution is dedicated to providing services to support and enhance your business, from websites that add value to your brand, SEO optimization, B2B2C, and admin consoles to hosting services. All are secure and use a combination of the best technologies.

Why Us

Why Choose Us

Customised Approach

We analyze each opportunity in detail to find the best alternatives for each project and the client in the short and long term.


We have worked in software development for many years and can provide you with consistent alternatives and solutions to significantly improve your current position.

Latest Technologies

We combine our experience with the latest technologies to implement efficient and profitable solutions.


We can advise you what is the best option for your business.


We deliver quality enterprise products based on our extensive experience working in the industry.


We know the importance of security at any level, from GDPR compliance to data encryption. All services provided can be secured to prevent incidents in which unauthorized personnel access critical information.

Software Partnership Dublin Ireland

“ Putting together a website is difficult and I needed help, but finding the right individual or company is not easy. Thank God I met Marcos at Onesolution, not only they have great taste in design but they can guide you through the process allowing me to concentrate on my content in mindmymoney.ie”

“ Excellent, working with onesolution was great. Thanks to their knowledge and determination our website looks great and functions really good. I am recommend anyone that is looking for a custom website to give them a call and speak to them, he will guide you to the right direction. ”

“ Overall very pleased with Marcos and his friendliness with us. He did everything we asked in a timely matter. I will definitely be recommending him to other companies. Thanks for such good work. ”


CEO at mindmymoney.ie, KJK Life & Pensions

David McDonald


Susan Foley-Cave

MANAGING DIRECTOR AND CO-OWNER at bridgeinterpreting.ie