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A Service to Public and Private sectors of Irish Society since 2005

We are an independent business which has provided a professional and ethical service to the Public and Private sectors of Irish Society since 2005. When you call us looking for an Irish Sign Language (ISL) to English interpreter our bespoke service will match you up with the most appropriately qualified and experienced ISL Interpreter available. We source professionals from the national pool of qualified Irish Sign Language Interpreters. We are also able to advise you on the how to work with ISL Interpreters and optimise the interpretation booking.

We offer a wide range of services and provide complete client satisfaction


In Ireland, Sign Language interpreters are professionals who work between Irish Sign Language (ISL) and English. They assist in the communication process by signing what is said and speaking what is signed.

If a client needs to cancel the assignment, they should notify Bridge Interpreting as soon as possible. The following cancellation fees will apply:
Cancellation within 0-5 working days of commencement of the assignment – full fee will be charged.
Cancellation within 6-10 working days of commencement of the assignment – half fee will be charged.
Cancellation over 11 working days of commencement of assignment- administration fee only will be charged.

An interpreter should be present in all situations in which the information to be exchanged requires effective communication. You will want all services and programs you provide to be available and accessible equally to consumers who are deaf and hearing. For example, a deaf individual might wish to take a childbirth class, become a member of a political party, attend a conference or go to the theatre.


Service providers and employers are responsible for ensuring that communication with people who are deaf is as effective as communication with others. The service provider should not charge the employee or service user for the interpreter service. For further information, please contact us.

Legal Meetings
Court Appearances
Mental Health
Social Services
Awards Ceremonies
Religious Services

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Professional and creative, your team has made my life so much easier! You can totally rely on them with translations.

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